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Choose Your Internship Focus

Advanced Law & Trial Internship

The only law program in the world where students partner with a real law firm, work on a case of national importance, and explore a career in law.

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Advanced Medical & Public Health Internship

The only medical program in the world where interns work with a hospital in the developing world, diagnose a real patient using VR technology, and explore a career in medicine.

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The only business program in the world where students partner with a real business, implement a business proposal using seed money, and explore a career in business.

International Leadership & Business Internship

All LI Summer Internship Programs

Explore all seven Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs and find your passion in the field of business, law, medicine, or national security,

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The only security program in the world where students partner with a real security firm, implement security solutions to fight terrorism, and explore a career in security.

National Security & Intelligence Internship

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The only neuroscience program in the world where students work with world-renowned neuroscientists, design a research proposal, and explore a career in neurosience.

Advanced Medical Neuroscience Internship

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Bringing the internship to you.

The Leadership Initiatives Virtual Youth Development Programs bring the collaborative spirit and engaging hands-on experience to the safety of a virtual platform. With a 5:1 student to staff ratio and small class sizes, students interact directly and frequently with expert guest speakers and their staff mentor, both in lecture and virtual breakout rooms.

Leadership Initiatives believes that building a relationship with interns is a critical component to ignite a student's love of learning and set them on a path for success during college and in their career. Students will know that a real, caring person is working with them to complete their internship, and this support and personal guidance can be the difference between success and failure for some students.

Join us this summer to transform lives around the world, all from the safety and comfort of a virtual environment.

Program tuition covers the cost of room and board, ground transportation during the program, a 5:1 student to faculty and staff ratio, all curriculum, and materials.

Education assistance covered by tuition includes one-on-one college admissions counseling sessions, lecture fees, mentor sessions with experts, workshops, and all academic benefits, including SAT/ACT training through TestRocker and college essay editing.

Scholarships, payment plans, and fundraising assistance are available.

All-Inclusive Tuition

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No-Interest Payment Plans

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Leadership Initiatives offers a variety of flexible options to pay for program tuition.

Zero-interest payment plans are available in three, six, nine, and twelve-month payment options.

Participants can opt to pay the entirety of their remaining tuition balance off at any point during the payment period.

Reserve a place today with a $100 refundable deposit here.

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Fundraising Assistance

Leadership Initiatives is dedicated to providing opportunities for everyone who shows drive, determination, and grit towards their future goals. We have created a fundraising department to help students participate in one of our summer internships.

If you choose the fundraising option, you will meet one-on-one with a fundraising coach who will assist in creating a comprehensive fundraising campaign.

Fundraising also allows participants to go on an 18-month payment plan with a deposit. Designed for students in financial need this fundraising option allows students to hold several fundraisers to pay for their tuition. 

Click here to view the 2021 Fundraising Guide.

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As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all Leadership Initiatives programs are heavily subsidized by our sponsors allowing us to offer programs with academic benefits at a lower cost than for-profit institutions.

To apply for a scholarship click here to fill out the program interest form and indicate you are interested in a scholarship.

Please note scholarships do not stack (this means you can only use one scholarship per program).

Partners and Sponsors

Our office in Washington, DC is open seven days a week - give us a call! A phone conversation allows us to answer your specific questions and provide you with contact information for previous intership participants and their families so that you can get a first-hand perspective.

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