Leadership Initiatives' Facilitators

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Nicholas is very excited to be a Leadership Initiatives intern. He is interested in working in the non-profit field in developing nations in the future and has a love for helping others.

Nicholas enjoys playing video games and discussing philosophy and politics. He is the president and co-founder of his school's Philosophical Debate Club. He is also a member of the Interact Club and he has been working in the International Internship program since his sophomore year of high school.

Nicholas Abele is enrolled in the Early College at Guilford. Nicholas is a Dean's-List student at Guilford College, enrolled in college classes as part of the Early College program.

Business Program Development Intern

The Early College at Guilford, Class of 2022

Nick Abele

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Gisela is excited to be a Leadership Initiatives intern. She is curious and interested in learning about the different illnesses and diseases that affect people, especially children, around the world. Gisela feels an experience in a real hospital setting will be even more inspiration to become a physician.

Gisela is determined to pursue a future career in pediatrics. She enjoys volunteering with ODS (Open Door Sports) as a peer buddy. There, she is part of the collaborative effort to build a more inclusive community by playing sports with kids with special needs and financial challenges. Since middle school, she has been a dedicated and active member of the First Aid Unit at the Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad. Her experience learning life saving first aid with the squad has furthered her passion of being a physician. She is trained and certified in Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens, Standard First Aid, and Healthcare Provider CPR.

Gisela Attah Hayford is a rising sophomore at Walter Johnson High School. Gisela is enrolled in her school's Advanced Placement program with a Science focus. She works to maintain her academic excellence as an Honors of distinction and now Honor Roll student, while spending time with family and friends.

Medical Program Development Intern

Walter Johnson High School Class of 2024

Gisela Attah Hayford

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Samiha is excited to be a Leadership Initiatives intern because she has a passion for outreach. She has participated in LI Youth Development Programs, as well as their International Internship Program, and has walked away knowing that she can use her place of privilege to make a difference. She cannot wait to continue doing so this summer.

Samiha loves science, English, and the performing arts. She is a co-founder of Walton's creative writing club and is also involved in drama club and HOSA.

Samiha Bala is a rising junior at George Walton Comprehensive High School. She is an honors student who enjoys taking on new challenges and new experiences.

Business Program Development Intern

George Walton Comprehensive, Class of 2023

Samiha Bala

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Maziar is excited to be a Leadership Initiatives intern. He enjoys learning about national security and intelligence and hopes to someday be a diplomat. In the future, Maziar wants to take the skills he has learned and help to make the world more safe and secure.

Maziar Beiramee enjoys playing soccer and playing the piano. At school, he is the Co-President of the Middle Eastern Student's Association. During his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and reading.

Maziar Beiramee is a rising junior at St. Andrew's Episcopal School. Maziar is a dedicated high honor student who is enrolled in both Advanced Placement and Honors courses.

Security Program Development Intern

St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Class of 2023

Maziar Beiramee