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When we think back to the teachers who had the most impact on us, they're those with whom we created a connection.

They may have been classroom teachers, coaches, principals, but they were also often simply a friend who took the time to let us know that we mattered. This is why we feel teaching is the most important job. The connection between teachers and students doesn’t start and stop with a single lesson or conversation. It has the power to shape and define, to create and inspire.

If you know of exceptional students who could benefit from our summer program, please feel free to nominate them. Even if your nominated students do not choose to attend, they will know how highly you regard them.

Being nominated to a Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Summit means there is someone out there who values the dedication, hard work and determination a student is putting forth. To a student who receives a nomination, it's a way of saying, "I see how amazing you are, and I believe you can and will make a difference in the world."

Typically, we look for students who devote their efforts to educationally purposeful endeavors.

Are engaged in the process of education by taking on active roles in their school.

Are engaged in active and collaborative learning.

Are persistent in their pursuit of meaningful academic and non-academic efforts.

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Especially, students who:


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