International Brain Bee Scholarship Recipient

Makayla Martin

Vincent Massey High School

2023 Advanced Medical Neuroscience Internship

Makayla is ecstatic to be attending the Advanced Medical Neurosciecne internship at Georgetown university this summer. She is grateful to have the unique opportunity to explore the frontiers of research at such a coveted university with a group of talented students who share similar goals and interests to her own. Makayla can't wait to experience hands-on experiments in a University setting which will allow her to look into the world of research and life as a medical professional.

While in high school, Makayla has proven to be a dedicated and high achieving student who has excelled in her schools Advanced Placement program. She is a member of her schools debate club and has had considerable success at tournaments, she is also an editor for her schools yearbook, a position through which she organizes photography for all school events in addition to training of newer members; this year Makayla played a key role in founding a philosophy club at her school allowing for unique conversations as well as opportunities to take place for herself and others. Makayla also successfully participated in the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad, the Brain Bee, and the University of Waterloo Pascal math exam. Outside of school Makayla is a dedicated ballet dancer who participates in the Royal Academy of Dance exam program and has found success in the form of scholarships as well as acceptance to selective summer programs which have allowed her to further her training while also providing her with the confidence and skills needed to teach younger students. She is also a volunteer in her community: Makayla aids in the upkeep of a historical garden located at a museum which aims to preserve local history.

In the future, Makayla wishes to become as physician and impact the lives of patients while also changing medicine so that it can treat all people in an equitable as well as ethical fashion.She knows that this internship will be a step towards achieving that goal as
she will be able to work with a diverse group of incredible individuals with similar passions.